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Street Style – Tees and Tank Tops

Ever contemplated on wearing your favorite Tees or tank tops but worried that it will look unkempt? Check out this series of street syle – tees and tank tops for inspirations for your next perfect outfit.

1. Layering is the most effective way of wearing simple solid colored tees.

2. Pair a light weight, over sized tee with a bikini style bralette will create a refreshing style of that just-back-from-the-beach look.

3. Contrast, contrast, contrast. To make a graphic tee stand out, pair it with a contrasting colored tank underneath.

4. Accessorize with a statement piece to update the traditional pairing of simple tops and jeans.




Nailed Fashionably

go smile teeth whitener

Bold colors are totally in this season! Including colors for nails. Lets check out some exciting new shades for your fingers below.

Turquoise and black – “I’m classy and mysterious.”

Mint green and lemon yellow – “who wants to share a frozen yogurt with me?”

Baby blue and pastel pink – “Who’s birthday is it?”

Mosaic patterns are reserved for my pool parties.

How about a handful of lollipops?

I love cupcakes!

Did you know Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan?

Street Style – 8 Tips on How to Wear Bold Colors, Patterns and Floral

Miss Selfridge Retail Ltd (US)

1. To pull off a long skirt with lots of different colors, pair it with a solid colored top with simple designs.

2. layer each piece of the outfit with unique patterns (zigzag inside, parallel lines and color block outside) and contrasting colors to avoid looking messy.  

3. An earthy toned jacket with a tribal feel adds an interesting twist to the traditional animal print design. 

4. When running out of outfit ideas, look for inspiration from the 70s. Polka dots and abstract colors will sure to make you stand out among the crowd.

5. Wear a matching toned accessory with bold features will avoid your floral dress looking like something made straight from a wallpaper.  

6. A perfect depiction of “outdoor intimacy” 😛

6. How to flaunt a futuristic look like Miss Gaga? Create contrast by adding different texture to the material and mix matte with reflective colors.

7. When life is becoming boring, why not add a little bit of drama? 

8. To create a balanced silhouette and still be able to wear a bright colored skirt, pair a long sleeve with the short skirt to bring the focus point upward.

Miss Selfridge Retail Ltd (US)

Eight Super Foods For A Beautiful Skin – Part I, Apples

1. Apples

Many people probably heard of this popular saying growing up: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples are known for their tremendous health benefits but did you know eating more apples will keep your skin hydrated and skin tone more even as well?

Lets take a look of apples’ nutritional value. In a hundred grams of apple contains about 10 grams of natural sugar and 2.4 grams of dietary fiber. In addition, apples contain many minerals necessary for the health of your body such as vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9, as well as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and and iron.

Apples are naturally high in antioxidants, such as vitamin C. If your skin tone is sallow and lacks radiance, vitamin C is one of the most effective way to increase your skin’s natural glow. Better yet, vitamin C will also prevent free radicals damaging your skin cells, thus it has become a popular ingredient for anti-aging treatment to keep cells from dying prematurely.

85.56% of an apple’s weight is water. Thus if your skin tend to be dry, eating more apples will keep your skin retain its moisture level. Another significance in apples’ nutritional value is their high concentration of natural fruit acid.  Fruit acid is an organic compound that can be used to treat acne and blemishes. Including fruit acid in your daily skincare routine will keep your pores unclogged and minimized, resulting in a smoother and more radiant skin texture.

Skincare products that contain apples:

1. Super Acne Treatment with Green Apple by Dr. Nicholas Perricone

This is a gentle acne treatment suitable for people with acne prone but sensitive skin. All other skin type can use this product as well. The product has a natural apple scented fragrance, which makes it very pleasant to use. In addition to its acne treatment abilities, Dr. P’s Green Apple Quercetin contains malic acid that firms and alpha lipoic acid that gently exfoliates for a smoother, cleaner skin.

Available at and Sephora stores.

2. Green Apple Antioxidant Serum by Juice Beauty

If you love antioxidants, if you love all natural products, then you will love Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Antioxidant Serum. This is an anti-aging treatment that utilizes the power of super foods and their high concentration of natural antioxidants to prevent aging of the cells.

Available at (online only)

3. Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream by Fresh

This anti-aging body cream contains sugar apple extract to improve your skin’s collagen production and intercellular cohesion, which tightens and firms skin.

Available at and Sephora stores.


苹果 美白保湿




Chanel Summer 2011 Makeup Collection – Review and Tutorial

Among all the great fashion houses, I have always held a special feeling for Chanel in my heart. Maybe it is because the line’s simple elegance, its subtle yet captivating style makes any woman a pleasurable Chanel owner.

A recent addition to my beauty collection is Chanel’s Summer 2011 Makeup Collection – Les Fleurs d’ete de Chanel. The collection is inspired by “summer flowers and garden” and filled with shades of dazzling green, yellow, shimmery champagne pink and warm bronze. The set introduces a new bronzer palette, a new nail vernis in additional to two existing ones, and a new 4 color eye shadow palette.

Products in the collection for the Summer Flowers Look: 

Soleil Tan de Chanel:

Poudre Soleil 4 Lumieres – #537 Bronze Corail


Ombres Contraste Duo – #17 Khaki Discret

Les 4 Ombres – #32 Lilium


Stylo Yeux Waterproof – #47 Rose Platine

Nail Polish:

Le Vernis – #577 Mimosa, #567 Beige Petale, #557 Morning Rose

Product Review

In the picture above from left, quadra eyeshadow in Lilium, precision lip definer in Pretty Pink, waterproof eyeliner in Rose Platine, and Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Gardenia.

First let’s talk about the quadra eyeshadow. The case comes with two mini eyeshadow applicators, which is very handy for traveling and touch up on the go. In terms of color combination, Lilium serves a very versatile usage for both day and night look. All of the shades contain light shimmers, but they are not sparkly. Thus the shades are perfect for those seeking for natural looks but are tired of the usual boring brown hues. The pink shade on top left appears to be more white when applied on skin. The shadow on the bottom left is light green with a yellow undertone to it. The two shades on the right are true to their colors. The shade on bottom right pairs very well with the waterproof eyeliner Rose Platine. In terms of texture, all of the eyeshadows are powdery to touch and blends smoothly with each other. The colors applies evenly to skin even without an eyeshadow primer and will not fall to under eye area like most other powder based eyeshadows.

The precision lip definer is waterproof and long lasting. The liner is not automatic, but the pencil comes with a sharpener. The eyeliner pencil is waterproof as well. When I say waterproof here, I literally mean it is waterproof. In fact the liner stayed on so well that even regular face wash will not remove it.

The Rouge Coco Shine lipstick is one of the best lipsticks I’ve used. The color is sheer to medium with just the right amount of shine. The lipstick glides effortlessly on to your lips and is very moisturizing. The color will stay on your lips for at least a couple sips of drinks before you decide to wipe them off with a napkin.

For nails I tried both Mimosa and Morning rose. I wasn’t too impressed with Mimosa because the yellow shade looked diluted when applied. In order to get the look of the Summer Flower, you have to apply multiple coats to get the desired look. Morning rose on the other hand, is a gorgeous delicate pink with a touch of peach shade. Pairs great with the lip color Gardenia and will not look matchy matchy. Just one coat will give you enough color and with two coats you will receive the glossy look like the model in the Chanel Summer Collection picture.


Here is a simple tutorial on how to achieve Chanel creative director Peter Philips’ Summer Flower Look.

1. First line the inner rim of your bottom lash lines with a white eyeliner pencil. Then Line the top lash lines with a shimmery black eyeliner, making sure to emphasize the color at the outer corner of your eyes. Draw the line slanted up towards your eye brows.

Then Line the top lash lines with a shimmery black eyeliner, making sure to emphasize the color at the outer corner of your eyes. Draw the line slanted up towards your eye brows.

2. Take the eyeliner pencil Rose Platine and line your entire eye area. Then sweep the pink shimmer from Lilium with a crease brush over your eye lids. Dab a little of the light green shade with a small eyeshadow brush and highlight the corner of your eyes and under the arc of your eye brows. Continue by blending the bronze shadow at the outer corner of your eyes and half way across your bottom lash lines.

3. Blend some olive green shadow on the bronze shade to intensify the eye look. Apply the lip liner Pretty Pink and pair it with the lipstick Gardenia. Apply a soft pink blush on your cheek bones.

4. Apply some mascara, and you are done!

Enjoy your new look~ 🙂

Street Style – Handbags

Did you know? handbags and shoes are a girl’s best friends too!

Someday By Justin Bieber

When I first saw that Justin Bieber is coming out with a new fragrance for women, I imagined that it would be in the categories of soft floral since the bottle top is a bouquet of hearts in the shape of a blossoming rose. For those who are romantic at heart, there is a special feature on the bottle worth mentioning. On one of the heart petals, there is an ornamental crystal key and heart attached to the petal. Girls, that is the key to Justin’s heart! =p This piece is removable, and you can attach it to your cellphones or your bags as a charm. On a side note, the bottle’s usability design is kind of strange. When you take the lid off to spray the perfume, one might expect that the entire section of the heart blossom would be part of the bottle cap (like Marc Jacob’s Lola), but instead you will find that the bottom layer of the heart petal is attached to the bottle, with the spray nozzle standing short in the middle of the heart petal.

After I finally got to smell the perfume in store today, I was surprised to find fresh and playful notes of fruits in the fragrance, adding a flirtatious twist to what I had imagined – a classic soft floral scent with a blend of roses.

Specifically, Someday has top notes of mandarin, pear and berries, while the middle and base notes of white floral, vanilla and soft musk adds sweetness and depth to the fragrance.

In order to be fresh and non-overpowering, most fruity floral based scents are made in Eau de Toilette, such as Philosophy’s Grace series of fragrances. Someday, on the other hand, is an Eau de Parfum.  This means the fragrance has a higher concentration than Eau de Toilette and in turn will last longer on your skin.

If you wear Coach Poppy, DKNY’s apples, Ed Hardy’s Hearts and Daggers, or Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy, you will find Someday a pleasant fragrance.

Here is a commercial on Someday.

Marc by MarcJacobs 2012 Early Spring

The perfect combination of beauty and fashion


Walked pass by bloomingdale today and saw this in the window display

Volcano in a bow?