About the bK Blog

Beautykaleidoscope.com is a website dedicated to those who love and enjoy conversations of fashion and beauty.  From street styles to red-carpet outfits, from fragrances to nail arts, from red bottom heels to little ballet flats, this is a place where we can talk about our concerns, our inspirations, and our can’t-live-without, or anything else you would like to share about your secrets of staying beautiful.

As an ice breaker, the word Kaleidoscope is originated from three Greek words “kalos”, meaning “beautiful or beauty”, “eidos”, meaning “form or shape”, and “scope”, meaning “to see”. Thus the root of the word is “to see beautiful things (both inside and out)”. Now isn’t that the spirit of  enjoying beauty. So make yourself comfortable, grab a glass of wine, lets have a great conversation!

with love

-Michelle D.


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