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Street Style – Tees and Tank Tops

Ever contemplated on wearing your favorite Tees or tank tops but worried that it will look unkempt? Check out this series of street syle – tees and tank tops for inspirations for your next perfect outfit.

1. Layering is the most effective way of wearing simple solid colored tees.

2. Pair a light weight, over sized tee with a bikini style bralette will create a refreshing style of that just-back-from-the-beach look.

3. Contrast, contrast, contrast. To make a graphic tee stand out, pair it with a contrasting colored tank underneath.

4. Accessorize with a statement piece to update the traditional pairing of simple tops and jeans.




Nailed Fashionably

go smile teeth whitener

Bold colors are totally in this season! Including colors for nails. Lets check out some exciting new shades for your fingers below.

Turquoise and black – “I’m classy and mysterious.”

Mint green and lemon yellow – “who wants to share a frozen yogurt with me?”

Baby blue and pastel pink – “Who’s birthday is it?”

Mosaic patterns are reserved for my pool parties.

How about a handful of lollipops?

I love cupcakes!

Did you know Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan?

Street Style – 8 Tips on How to Wear Bold Colors, Patterns and Floral

Miss Selfridge Retail Ltd (US)

1. To pull off a long skirt with lots of different colors, pair it with a solid colored top with simple designs.

2. layer each piece of the outfit with unique patterns (zigzag inside, parallel lines and color block outside) and contrasting colors to avoid looking messy.  

3. An earthy toned jacket with a tribal feel adds an interesting twist to the traditional animal print design. 

4. When running out of outfit ideas, look for inspiration from the 70s. Polka dots and abstract colors will sure to make you stand out among the crowd.

5. Wear a matching toned accessory with bold features will avoid your floral dress looking like something made straight from a wallpaper.  

6. A perfect depiction of “outdoor intimacy” 😛

6. How to flaunt a futuristic look like Miss Gaga? Create contrast by adding different texture to the material and mix matte with reflective colors.

7. When life is becoming boring, why not add a little bit of drama? 

8. To create a balanced silhouette and still be able to wear a bright colored skirt, pair a long sleeve with the short skirt to bring the focus point upward.

Miss Selfridge Retail Ltd (US)

Street Style – Handbags

Did you know? handbags and shoes are a girl’s best friends too!

Marc by MarcJacobs 2012 Early Spring

The perfect combination of beauty and fashion


Walked pass by bloomingdale today and saw this in the window display