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Someday By Justin Bieber

When I first saw that Justin Bieber is coming out with a new fragrance for women, I imagined that it would be in the categories of soft floral since the bottle top is a bouquet of hearts in the shape of a blossoming rose. For those who are romantic at heart, there is a special feature on the bottle worth mentioning. On one of the heart petals, there is an ornamental crystal key and heart attached to the petal. Girls, that is the key to Justin’s heart! =p This piece is removable, and you can attach it to your cellphones or your bags as a charm. On a side note, the bottle’s usability design is kind of strange. When you take the lid off to spray the perfume, one might expect that the entire section of the heart blossom would be part of the bottle cap (like Marc Jacob’s Lola), but instead you will find that the bottom layer of the heart petal is attached to the bottle, with the spray nozzle standing short in the middle of the heart petal.

After I finally got to smell the perfume in store today, I was surprised to find fresh and playful notes of fruits in the fragrance, adding a flirtatious twist to what I had imagined – a classic soft floral scent with a blend of roses.

Specifically, Someday has top notes of mandarin, pear and berries, while the middle and base notes of white floral, vanilla and soft musk adds sweetness and depth to the fragrance.

In order to be fresh and non-overpowering, most fruity floral based scents are made in Eau de Toilette, such as Philosophy’s Grace series of fragrances. Someday, on the other hand, is an Eau de Parfum.  This means the fragrance has a higher concentration than Eau de Toilette and in turn will last longer on your skin.

If you wear Coach Poppy, DKNY’s apples, Ed Hardy’s Hearts and Daggers, or Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy, you will find Someday a pleasant fragrance.

Here is a commercial on Someday.


Versace Versus Perfume Review

Versace 家的Versus是我今年的大爱。个人感觉她的味道好像是Daisy 跟Flower Bomb 的综合。甜甜的花香,但是又不乏清新感。 强烈推荐哦
后来注意了一下versus的notes, 原来里面有苹果,橘子花跟玫瑰的香味。 
个人觉得versus 的香味感觉跟Burberry Touch男士香水蛮配的。 一个清馨灵动, 一个温暖深沉。。有机会一定要一起试下
versus 的官方介绍

Versus is pure energy, built upon strong, contrasting characteristics. Romantic-yet-tough femininity reflects the woman who loves to dare and the core spirit of the brand—dedicated to evolution, confidence, and cutting-edge style. A game of opposites creatively moves between romantic and aggressive, and evolves from punk to melodious.

The color of the fragrance, termed the “fifth essence of violet,” evokes modernity, mystery, and freedom. The fresh, intense fragrance opens with the vitality of kumquat, sweet star apple, and scintillating lemon—an inviting accord that evokes energy and personality. The heart is floral and dynamic, translated to the senses through soulful orange flower, stephanotis, and luxurious rose Centifolia. The provocative drydown reveals the sensuality of patchouli and the enveloping depth of musk, punctuated by ambrette seeds.

The crystal bottle plays its own game of opposites, showing complex reality in transformation—from empty to full spaces, from cold to warm, from melodious to lively, from classic to audacious, from sublime to rock and roll. The Versus logo stands out in warm, illuminating gold in the middle of the flacon and it is engraved in relief on top of the cap. Versus’ appeal speaks through vibrant deep hues shading into a transparent range of violet. Strong nuances of color, glittering light effects, and surprising gradients between gold and silver converge into an object of desire.


超爱versus的紫色水水, 整个儿美翻了。图上第一个小瓶瓶的和lotion,shower gel都是赠品, 强吧?中间呢个是个小滚球版的。买来可以随身携带很方便。


严格上来说, 香水并不该叫做perfume. 因为perfume 只是香水的一种。香水的统称因该叫作Fragrance。香水包括Perfume, Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Cologne, 和 After Shave.
Perfume 是香水种类中含香量和酒精比例最高的。 所以香味很浓。 这种香水近年来已经不太流行了。 Eau De Parfum 的比例要比perfume 小,含香量在15-20%。Eau De Toilette 的含香量在5-15% 左右。Cologne的含香量是最小的, 在2-5% 之间。
After Shave是给男士专用的。是含原有香料的护肤品。
香水的香味大致可以分为四种。 花香(floral),水果香(citrus), 木香(woody scent), 和香料(spice)的香味。花香和水果香就不用说了, 大多数香水都是采用这两种原料来提炼的。 树木和香料,比如说胡椒其实也有它特别的香味。很多经典的香水,像Dior 的poison 系列, Chanel 及Burberry 都会用到树木和香料香,特别是用在男士香水中。
如果把一瓶香水想象成一个三层的蛋糕,第一层是奶油, 中间是夹心,最后是蛋糕。香水的香味是可以像蛋糕一样分成三个层次的。 专业名词叫作Notes. 第一层note 叫作top notes. 一瓶香水的top notes 是它最主要的香味(dominant notes)。 你第一个闻到的香味和对它的感觉就是top notes,也常被称作head notes。这一层香闻到的快,散发的也快。当这一层的香味散去后你闻到的就是中间的夹心了。 英文叫做middle notes, 或heart notes. 最后的蛋糕层, 也是一瓶香水最重要的一层,叫作base notes, 或者Dry down。 这base notes的香因该是三层香中持续时间最长的。它的重要处在于这层余香给香水添加了深度。 这也是名贵香水和大众香水的根本区别。 这三个层次经过精心的比率调配混合在一起,制造出人们对不同香水的特别感受。