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Home Made Thanksgiving Dinner (感恩节的美食大餐)

每年11月的第四个星期四是美国的感恩节。曾有语说“Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.” 今年要感谢的事情和人真的很多。哪怕是你们的一个微笑,一声问候,都值得我感谢 。虽然不能和家人相聚共庆这个温馨的时刻但是希望他们可以感受到我远在他乡的祝福。

感恩节的故事其实也蛮感人的。 1620年在欧洲受迫的英国清教徒(pilgrims) 移民美洲大陆在Plymouth 建立了的第一个殖民地(colony)。当时正值寒冬。饥寒交迫的英国教徒在来美的110人当中,只有50人存活。这些英国人当时很是惧怕当地的印第安人。 直到1621年的一个春天, 一个名叫Samoset的 Abnaki 族人只身来到英国人的村子, 向这些恐惧的英国人伸出双手大声说”Welcome!“ 原来他曾经跟来美洲的船只去过英国,并且学会了英文。是这位勇敢的印第安人教会了英国移民们怎样辨识草药,有毒植物和可供食用的水果蔬菜。并且教会了移民们怎样种植当地的玉米。 在这位印第安人和他的部族的帮助下,第二年的秋天殖民地获得了在美洲大陆的第一个丰收。 英国人与印第安人一起欢庆了过去一年的共同努力耕耘。知恩报答,这便是感恩节的缘由。1863年,感恩节被林肯总统正式认定为国家法定节假日。

当然咯,过节与家人欢聚少不了吃吃喝喝咯。 美国的各大教堂也会分发免费的感恩节晚餐提供给无家可归的人们。感恩节的前几个礼拜学校也会组织学生向社会征集募捐感恩节所用的罐装食品分发给低收入家庭。

传统的感恩节食品少不了主食火鸡。 一般火鸡的肚内掏空被填上staffing (面包沫西兰花菜鲜牛奶和其他一些食品做成的混合物)然后放入烤箱烤上5-6个小时烤熟的。其他的一些食品还包括蔓越莓酱(cranberry sauce),staffing,  土豆泥 (mashed potatoes) 和卤汁 (gravy)。 传统的蔬菜类包括南瓜,红薯 ,玉米。

因为我们就俩人, 烤一只十几磅的火鸡一两个礼拜都吃不完, 所以就只好创新一下咯



脆皮火鸡卷 – Turkey and Sage Wrap

用薄如纸的Phyllo (发音:Fee-loh) Dough 裹上拌好的火鸡肉末放入烤箱烤半小时就好了Turkey Saltimbocca Roll-ups (火鸡煎肉片卷)

传统式玉米蛋糕 – Corn Muffin



Summer in the Sun

Before you eagerly put on that favorite set of bikini you’ve been dying to wear for your much anticipated beach trip and hit the waves, don’t forget that while getting a head-turning beach babe tan may be important, protecting your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays should be a top priority. Not only you can get sunburned if you are not careful, exposure to UV rays is the number one cause of premature wrinkling and aging of your skin. Among a huge selection of different sunscreen products on the market, I was inclined to try out some new multitasking SPFs that go beyond broad spectrum protection.

Clarins Day Screen High Protection

This little bottle of sunscreen contains UV PLUS HP and an Anti-Pollution Complex for a comprehensive triple layer protection. UV PLUS HP uses a 100% mineral screen and is suitable for sensitive skin. The Clarins Anti-Pollution uses cantaloupe melon extract as a main ingredient to protect skin from harmful free radicals and pollution in the environment.

These cantaloupe melon extract are obtained from organic farming and thus contain an exceptional rich concentration of superoxide dismutase, an enzyme with antioxidant benefit. There are two patents pending on Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex.

Product Review

The texture of this sunscreen is slightly runny, looks like a light weight lotion and very moisturizing. Immediately after applying to the face, you can feel a faint cooling sensation. The finish is smooth to touch and makes your face very soft. The liquid is white colored but the shade disappears as soon as the product is absorbed into the skin. Because of its sheer texture, the product is absorbed very quickly. The scent is light and refreshing. Clarins Day Screen High Protection is oil free so anyone from sensitive to oily skin will be able to enjoy the product.

Product Highlights

– SPF 40

– Anti-Pollution

– Oil Free

– 100% Mineral

– $30 from